This Indianapolis dentist 46260 is located in the heart of the city. The office staff is professional and friendly. Dr. Zein E. Albir, DDS is a world-recognized dental specialist and is very well liked by his patients and staff. He specializes in treating children, pregnant women and adults of all ages with dental concerns.


You and your family can have a great trip to this Indianapolis dentist and your entire family will be able to enjoy a great dental visit. After your visit you can relax in the lobby while you wait for the orthodontist to examine your teeth. You and your family will then be able to go home and begin your wonderful new smile. You and your family can also call or come in any time during your visit to talk with the staff about your oral hygiene, diet and anything else that you may need to concern yourself with.


A few years back I had a family member who was in need of an orthodontist in the city of Indianapolis. She needed dental surgery to straighten her teeth, but she did not have much money to pay for the procedure. It was very fortunate for me that my husband could use our savings to help her pay for the procedure. We never thought we would be in this situation, but thanks to some financial assistance from the US government, our family could afford the dentistry costs. This man went above and beyond and paid almost all of the bill on his own. If you are in need of this service in the Indianapolis area contact this Indianapolis dentist for more information.

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