Close protection services London is a specialist trade in close protection for police officers, guards and civil servants that are responsible for the public protection against any threat to them while they are in the role of their profession. The term close protection services London is widely used by the media and the public as an umbrella term to describe any body of expertise that provides such service. The professional bodies that provide this service include the National Association of Police Officers (NAPOL) and the National Police Federation (NPF). The NAPOL is the governing body of the professional bodies of constables and police officers that are active throughout the United Kingdom.

About Close Protection Services

The National Police Federation provides the infrastructure and the guidance required to deliver close protection services to its members. Members are able to communicate and interact with each other and with the public with the assurance of constant support and close contact at all times. It also provides information and advice on the use of close protection services in the UK and abroad. It has close ties with the United Kingdom’s finest police forces and maintains close contact with the security and intelligence services to assist the police in providing this service.

The National Police Association has detailed standards and requirements which must be complied with by its members. These standards cover matters such as personal identity management, maintaining professional contacts and having an understanding of the legal environment where the close protection services are based. The police must also have a detailed written code of conduct which they must abide by both in the UK and abroad. It is important for the NPF to emphasise that the provision of close protection service is not an easy task and that it can involve many difficult and critical decisions. A policy regarding the provision of such service is very important and needs to be in place. If this policy is not properly followed then serious issues may arise.

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