certificate 4 in aged care

The Certificate for the Treatment and Care of the Elderly (ctc) is meant for individuals aged 55 years old or above who are suffering from any kind of disease or disability which may hinder them from accomplishing daily activities. As per the National Health Service (NHS), there are a total of around 45 million seniors living in the United Kingdom. In United Kingdom, an average senior citizen spends around 23 hours per week in home alone. With growing life expectancy, the need for trained and competent aged care staff is on a rise.

Here Is A Method That Is Helping Certificates For The Treatment And Care Of The Elderly

According to the certificate, four tasks are covered under the qualification criteria. First, it covers the basic requirements for taking up the job. Second, the individual must undergo training as a qualified support worker. Third, a complete assessment of the person’s personality is done so as to determine the extent of his or her disability and needs. Lastly, the individual will be assessed by a personal carer who has specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with the particular requirements of the person.

A trained and competent aged care professional will help you get through the various tests efficiently and proficiently. The certificate iv requires passing four examinations, namely, written subject examination, ability to communicate and interact with other people, understanding and reviewing health care procedures and usage, understanding and reviewing safety and health measures. You may have to successfully pass the exam conducted by Independent Living Inspectors London (inges). Thus, to enhance your employability or for a change to your career, enroll yourself for a certificate 4 in aged care today.

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Let Us Send an Electrician to You For Your Electrical Needs

L lectrician is a leading company top beaches electrician that provides electrical services to a number of communities in the Sydney area, including the coastal city of Sydenham, the Hunter Valley and the North Sydney areas. This company has been supplying electricians with high quality, top-quality electrical services for more than two decades. It has a strong presence in the South East of Sydney and operates out of the Lortheastern University campus. L lectrician supplies a wide range of products and accessories from cable assembly to cable laying and wiring. In addition, it also provides a wide variety of commercial and residential cable services to a variety of businesses including entertainment venues, cafes, spas, hospitals and health care facilities.


To cater to the diverse electrical needs of a large number of customers, L lectrician uses highly skilled technicians who are trained at various training facilities and technical schools. The company strives to provide its clients with the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. All of its repair and installation work is carried out under the strict supervision of qualified and experienced electricians. With the help of these technicians, one can expect his electrical services to be of a very high quality.


If you are living or working in the northern beaches, why not let us send an electrician to you? Contact us to find out more about what L lectrician can do for you. We offer a wide range of electrical services which include cable assembly, cable laying and wiring, and the installation and maintenance of electrical devices. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer you. Contact us now!

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If you are a young person and you are looking for inexpensive health care, you might have learned from your parents or maybe you are in your early twenties and you are still paying for health insurance, either on your own or perhaps through your employer. Or, if you are old enough to realize what health insurance really is about, perhaps you have been subjected to several commercials about health insurance in your favorite television channel. Either way, you may be wondering exactly what the different health insurance options are and how they could help you be covered by health insurance. Health care insurance companies are plentiful and they all offer health insurance solution but on a different scale to meet each individual need.

Protect Your Money by Getting the Best Health Care Insurance Coverage

One of the largest health care insurance companies in the United States is Metlife, which is known as an aggressive health care insurance company because it wants to become competitive in the health care industry. It has four different health care insurance plans for individual and family coverage. Among its plans are the High Risk Account, the High Deductible Account, the Standard Deductible Account and the Universal Account. All of these plans come with various levels of health cover depending on the level of deductible that you choose.

The most expensive health care insurance companies include Aetna, Humana, Delta and Assurant Health. All of these health care insurance companies provide health cover to individuals as well as small business owners. You can select an insurance coverage according to your current health status as well as your lifestyle. For instance, if you smoke, you will have to pay more for a cigarette health care coverage because smoking increases your risks of contracting lung diseases. You can also pay a higher premium in case you are overweight. Thus, the type of health care coverage you select will depend largely on your needs as well as your lifestyle.

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